Iron Pontil Soda, Ale or Porter$_57 (10)$_57 (9)$_57 (5)$_57 (4)$_57 (3)$_57 (2)$_57 (1)

1840s Kensington Oval – Iron Pontil Beer

$425.00 $345.00

This scarce bottle is priced below market and is also a good example of the quality of my repair services.

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Nice GH Armstrong Kensington oval with early top. Nice strike and good deeper green color with earlier type top which had some minor chipping and a tight vertical flash (hard to see). Very good quality repair and not beat up just lightly cleaned. A $1500 bottle at one time until a cache of 20 plus was dug a few years ago (mostly damaged). A very similar example with some minor lip chipping was available on Ebay for $550. I think that damaged example could eventually sell for considerably less. Again, this example displays as about perfect with the repair.

I’m taking a total loss on the repair and light cleaning to move it along.