Killer Open Pontil Porter – As Is

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Extremely rare thin-walled giant porter with open pontil. Some minor damage but brought to near perfect museum quality display condition. Probably unique.

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This early open pontil 3 piece mold porter is rare, large and thin walled – hammered with whittle. It has a star crack on one side that has been stabilized with resin, and it had some minor lip chipping which has been expertly repaired by me and is virtually undetectable.

There has been 1 other example of this mold reported by a prolific digger (with an iron pontil) and that’s it. He ascribed it’s origin’s to Philly, but I feel there are not enough examples to determine provenance. It definitely has the short tapered torpedo like flare of the early 1840’s, and the digger that excavated this one felt it was a Baltimore piece, but again, I know of no other examples besides the 2. I would date the bottle to 1845, from an Atlantic region glasshouse, possibly a one-off house we have no records of, either a Maryland, Pa or Jersey / Delaware house in my opinion.

So rare it belongs in a museum, but due to the damage priced to sell. You may never see another, and this one has been restored to a beautiful display condition with no small effort of cleaning and repair.