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Antique Bottle Repair Services

Chip Repairs

Small chip repairs usually cost $125 - $175. Chips that are larger than half the mouth opening may be more expensive. I do offer discounts when repairing several bottles at the same time, as it increases efficiency.

Top Replacements

My top replacement technique is very credible. If you supply the top I generally do this for around $150 (more if I supply the top or create a resin top). I can also add neck where needed for additional cost, depending on how much neck is missing. Bottles that have missing tops and necks down into the shoulder are more difficult to repair, but can be done if the bottle warrants the expense.

Re-repairs, Inside Scaling and Cracks

I prefer original damage and try to avoid re-repairs. Re-repairs can lead to uncharted territory. I will only go there if the value of the bottle justifies the extra cost.

I do not repair cracks as a stand-alone service. Occasionally, when cracks are part of a larger repair (which involves missing glass) I can reduce their prominence somewhat if resin is absorbed into the fissure. It just depends on the glass and the nature of crack. But cracks are too much of an unknown factor to handle as a stand-alone service.

On the other hand, I can absolutely reduce or eliminate the disturbing effects of inside "scaling", and it's a relatively inexpensive service at $50.00 (especially with combined shipping on other repairs).

High Value Repair

It is just as time consuming and difficult to repair a $100 bottle as a $100,000.00 bottle, so higher value bottles are preferred. The utmost care and attention is required for high value bottles. A damaged $40,000.00 bottle repaired can increase it's value by thousands. Repairs of this type are what I prefer and can range from $375 to $900.

NOTE: Bottles that sell for under $800 in about perfect condition are not likely to be worth repairing.

Payment: I request that payment be made when bottles are shipped due to the extensive time and materials involved, and prepaid customer repairs already in rotation. Payment may be by check, or PayPal to wil@mywebmarket.com.

Cleaning: I do not clean bottles as a stand-alone operation but may consider cleaning a botttle that needs to be repaired.

To inquire: please email me at wil@mywebmarket.com with good images of all damage, to begin the discussion of repair possibilities and estimates.

Other repairs: I enjoy repairing sodas and minerals moreso than more delicate bottles due to the lower risk of further damage, but any repair is subject to evaluation. Costs will vary depending upon bottle, and nature of the damage.

The time involved in a repair is quite extensive. It is at least a three stage process, but usually four to seven stages, with a 24-36 hour cure per stage, including time spent checking the cure, changing positions, touch ups, etc. In addition, the silicone molds take 48 hours to cure. Color matching is also an extensive process and can be costly if the match fails and needs to be redone 2 or 3 times. Most repairs take a minimum of 3-4 weeks. There is no insurance against further damage, it's a risk one takes - has happened 3 times in over 200 repairs ... so the odds are less than 2% ... but it can happen.

Some Finished Repairs

Amber SC Dispensary; F & L Schaum; McCormack; Burger; Pitts flask; BOYD; Smith & Fotheringham; Crawford; Geo. Eagle

Feedback (direct quotes copied from emails):

WOW!!! The bottle looks awesome!  I will certainly spread the word among all of my bottle contacts, but your work will surely speak for itself when they see it! - TT

You are a very talented man !!!  It is beautiful !!  You can't tell its repaired unless you saw it up front !!!!!!!!!!  I am sending you some bucks to make up for the extra postage you spent. - DT

Job well done. You would have to look pretty hard and close to tell they are repaired. Not going anywhere except back in cabinet. - TH

It looks great, better than I expected. I sure am happy with the results. And if I need your help again or anyone up this way needs a fix on a bottle I will have them get ahold of you if that's okay. - JW

Your repairs really sell themselves when seen in person. I am going to see what else I have around here to send your way for resurrection.
- CV

I don't see any color discrepancy in the McKay AT ALL!! To me, the match is perfect! I love it. Top shelf IMMEDIATELY!!
- DC

Just got the bottle back. I couldn't be happier. Thanks for doing a great job.
- JW

Thanks for sending me back a mint example of that damaged ink I sent you for repair. You are "The Master"!
- TL

All I can say is ... Freakin Awesome!
- JP

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