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Article 1 - The NORRIS listings
A short article regarding my findings while researching the rare Norris cylinder, acquired at the York National Show in 2008.

Article 2 - The Alcock Display Ad
An article which stimulates some thought regarding the origin of "flavored soda waters" based on a very early Baltimore directory display ad.

Article 3 - King and Caspari
Another interesting examination of two early Baltimore directory display ads concerning imported mineral waters being offered to Baltimore patrons.

Article 4 - The Maryland Chemical Works
Research and findings regarding what may be one of Baltimore's earliest marked bottles, excavated in New Orleans.

Article 5 - Early Maryland Black Glass - Part II, Part III
Part I of investigations into the early Maryland Glass Manufacturing trade, inspired by a quart ale from the 1780-1820 period.

Article 6 - Baltimore's "Specialty Ale" Form
Another suspected Baltimore cylinder is confirmed, as well as a new form identified for the 1850's Baltimore porter and ale market.

Article 7 - Embossing Clues: ABA's "MINERAL / WATER"
In what can only be described as a visual gestalt shift, the missing clue to this bottle's provenance should have been obvious.

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